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If you are either a player looking to find a team or a team looking to find a player, or maybe your establishment wants to host the end of season banquet, 'Click Here' to send a message to the membership secretary.

Select establishments have supplies... But it's best to have stocked up before you head to your match.
Maridy & Mark Knight are selling supplies also. They can be found at the Deck during the LOD, mark.knight9(at)frontier.com, or Mark's Cell 919.452.4122

Atlantic Spa & Billiards, on Glenwood, is carrying supplies again.

In Downtown Raleigh 'Pipes by George' usually has what you need.

The Spring 2015 Season




Spring 2015 Registration   is held MONDAY, January 5th 7:00PM at Upper Deck.

Spring 2015 Season Packet Pickup   will be held Wednesday, January 14th at 7:00PM at Upper Deck. This is mandatory for all captains. Don't start the season with negative points!

Spring 2015 Season Start   will be Wednesday, January 21st at your respective bar. See the schedule included at packet pickup.

Online registration is now open!! Join this season by registering a team here.... Online registration closes on Wednesday, January 5th at 5pm. When registering online, be sure to get a confirmation from Heather and/or Tex, or else your registration is not valid and you must attend in person on the 5th. Also note that these confirmations are not automatically sent. So, if you register after business hours, it'll most likely be the following day (during lunch hours) before you may get the confirmation. It's a good idea to ask (nicely), if you would like to receive the confirmation any quicker.

Note: To limit the number of fake/bot/spam registrations, we have password protected the registration area. Use "rdl" and "Teds4TW" as the username and password (case-SENSITIVE), respectively. Also, please note that when paying online (not required), you will be responsible for the associated PayPal fees (roughly 3%, calculated upon checkout).

Board Setup Regulations  The RDL requires proper board setups. Is your home setup in compliance?! Be sure to talk to their manager/owner to make sure you'll be able to play there this season!

Complete 2014 Calendar  To view click here.

If there are any other mistakes, anybody missing etc., wrong Team Bar Locations, please email me.

Weekly Blind Darws
Thursday Train Station
8pm - 919-481-2442
Friday Pat Murnane's
7:45pm - 919-562-5570
Friday Upper Deck
8pm - 919-460-1786
Saturday Brown's Billiards
7:30pm - 919-878-9092
Saturday Sharky's Place
8pm - 919-783-5448
Sunday Upper Deck
8pm - 919-460-1786
Monday Sharky's Place
8pm - 919-783-5448
3rd Sat. American Legion
7pm - 919-557-5990
Upcoming Events