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Select establishments have supplies... But it's best to have stocked up before you head to your match.
Maridy & Mark Knight are selling supplies also. They can be found at the Deck during the LOD, mark.knight9(at)frontier.com, or Mark's Cell 919.452.4122

Atlantic Spa & Billiards, on Glenwood, is carrying supplies again.

In Downtown Raleigh 'Pipes by George' usually has what you need.

The Spring 2015 Season




Due to the predicted snow and conditions of some roads, the RDL board has made the determination that dart matches tonight (2/25/15) are officially to be postponed. Although some main roads may be ok, secondary ones are not and we will not be above freezing today so anything melted will refreeze late tonight when members would be returning home.
All matches scheduled for tonight will need to be made up. This means that as captains you have the following choices:
1) If you and the team that you are playing both want to risk it, you may do so. However, both captains must agree (in other words, if the other captain does not want to play tonight, you cannot force him/her to do so, because officially matches have been postponed.)
2) You will need to get in touch with the captain you were supposed to play tonight and schedule a make up match. Since the match will need to be on a night other than Wednesday, make sure your bar is ok with you playing darts on the night you choose. Per the rules these are to be made up within two weeks of today.
PLEASE NOTE: If your match will not be played today, we ask that all home teams notify their host establishment so that they can prepare waitstaff accordingly. Additionally, BOTH teams must notify statistician Jason Kilts (jdkilts@yahoo.com) as soon as the new date is chosen so that he knows when to expect the results – if teams do not notify the statistician, they will be subject to the five-point phone penalty for lack of timely result reporting. (Additionally, Jason politely asks that if you are not playing tonight that you drop him a quick email or voicemail so that he knows how many matches are not being played today.)
If, due to bar events and players schedules you are unable to reschedule your match within the two-week window, you MUST let statistician Jason Kilts (jdkilts@yahoo.com) and Rules & Grievances Director Kevin Coyne (krcoyne@gmail.com) know. The Board will consider reasonable extensions on a case-by-case basis. Please note that waiting until your two-week window is just about over to begin scheduling your new match date will not weigh favorably in the Board's decision on whether or not to allow teams any extra time to complete the match.
Also, please note that if teams simply cannot come to an agreement as to a new match time, they are to notify statistician Jason Kilts and Rules & Grievances Director Kevin Coyne, and Mr. Coyne will select a time for the match to which both teams will be bound.
When submitting scoresheets and calling in scores from makeup matches, the same timeframes apply: scores must be called in within 24 hours of the date the match was played and scoresheets must be postmarked within 3 days of the match. Just as with normal matches, if you email or fax your scoresheets to the statistician within 24 hours of the match date, then you do not need to call it in.

Board Setup Regulations  The RDL requires proper board setups. Is your home setup in compliance?! Be sure to talk to their manager/owner to make sure you'll be able to play there this season!

Complete 2014 Calendar  To view click here.

If there are any other mistakes, anybody missing etc., wrong Team Bar Locations, please email me.

Weekly Blind Darws
Thursday Train Station
8pm - 919-481-2442
Friday Pat Murnane's
7:45pm - 919-562-5570
Friday Upper Deck
8pm - 919-460-1786
Saturday Brown's Billiards
7:30pm - 919-878-9092
Saturday Sharky's Place
8pm - 919-783-5448
Sunday Upper Deck
8pm - 919-460-1786
Monday Sharky's Place
8pm - 919-783-5448
3rd Sat. American Legion
7pm - 919-557-5990
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